Epoxy Garage Floors

Stunning, Durable Epoxy Flooring for your Texas Garage

Garage floors undergo the daily challenges of foot and vehicle traffic, requiring durability that standard concrete often struggles to provide. The constant pressure from vehicles, coupled with oil and chemical spills, along with the impact of machinery and equipment, leads to cracks, abrasions, and stains on unprotected garage floors. This not only poses a risk to the safety of your vehicles but also jeopardizes the well-being of your family.

Texas Epoxy Solutions' premium epoxy floor coating significantly enhances the longevity and chemical resistance of your concrete floors, addressing these concerns and more. As Texas' leading full-service concrete specialists, we understand the unique needs of a garage, ensuring efficient installation of your epoxy flooring with minimal downtime.

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Resilient and Attractive, Epoxy Makes for Excellent Garage Floors

Epoxy coatings are an extremely popular choice for garage flooring. Quite naturally, too; the benefits that epoxy offers line up perfectly with the demands of garages. That’s true whether you’re running commercial garages, showrooms or residential garages.

Our high-quality epoxy floor coating can withstand the surface abrasion of tire treads and the effect of corrosive chemicals and solvents commonly used in garages. Epoxy can also be installed in a number of attractive configurations and colorful finishes and can have embedded logos as well as shapes and lines, which can be useful for demarcating parking bays.

Consider epoxy floors for your home garage

  • Low maintenance
  • Handles the rigors of heavy traffic
  • Resistant to chemicals and oil stains
  • Long-lasting
  • Wide range of colors
  • Showroom sophistication
  • Comes with 15 years warranty

Epoxy garage floors with decorative flakes

The most common garage floor solution is an epoxy floor with decorative flakes or chips. There are several benefits to adding these to your floor. They are a great source of traction and do not make your garage floor slippery. With concrete slabs come imperfections in the finish – this means low spots, waves, etc. Normally you can see these imperfections well, however, when a gloss epoxy coating is applied the imperfections are brought to light. The flakes will hide these imperfections and make your floor look beautiful!

And, not to mention, the flakes come in many sizes and color combinations so you can pick the colors you like the most! After the flakes/chips are on the floor, we seal them in with a super high-performance clear coat and give that WOW factor!

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Long Lasting Epoxy Floors

Meticulous Prep Work

The Key To A Beautiful And Long-Lasting Epoxy Floor Is Preparation And Quality Of Materials. Texas Epoxy Solutions has the most rigorous prep work of any competing company in Texas and we use the highest quality, most durable products available.


This is a mechanical profiling of the concrete. We bring our own industrial dust collection to ensure all concrete dust is collected.


After the thorough prep, we install a primer and a coat of industrial-grade epoxy, then do a full (100% coverage) of the flakes or metallic epoxy base coat into the floor.


Then we seal the floor with a coat of our super high-performance polyaspartic clear coat.

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Tell us about the concrete you want to be polished or epoxied, and we'll supply you with a pricing estimate plus some valuable information. It's helpful to include approximate floor size, new or old concrete, and your location.

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